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I have been working in the comic book industry for over 20 years with publishers such as IMAGE Comics, Devil's Due, and Source Point Press. My art has been published in numerous books including, being the original artist of the hit ongoing comic 'Tales of Mr. Rhee', a contributing artist on graphic novels such as Butts in Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story, Atomic Robo, and Nightmare World, worked on trading card sets such as Wizard of Oz and Sci-Fi Movie Classics with Breygent Publishing, and I'm also an award-winning tattoo artist and the owner of Raygun Samurai Tattoo. My newest graphic novel Left Turns was recently picked up by Source Point Press and will be hitting bookstores early 2024. 

I'm always up for doing new work and commissions.

Message me if you're interested in a project or some work.

For the most up to date news and pictures follow me on Instagram.                 



Raygun Samurai Tattoo
7 East 3rd St
Bethlehem, PA 18015​


Shop is appointment only.

I work Tues, Thurs-Saturdays.

Follow me on Instagram - artronin9

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Joshua Ross


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