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"Joshua Ross does a superb job capturing the dizzying ups and downs that come with navigating the onset of adulthood. His fleshed out characters and appealing art make Left Turns a compelling read."
- Alex Robinson (creator of Box Office Poison and Tricked)

"With tidbits of wisdom, nerdiness and humor, this relatable story shows that love is complicated, friends are precious, and art's a bitch"
- Lights (award winning singer and songwriter, author and illustrator of Skin & Earth)


"An emotionally engaging tour-de-force about the sacrifices that run parallel with the pursuit of art. Equal parts love story and creative non-fiction memoir, this is a must read experience for everyone interested in dedicating their life to creative pursuits."

-Dirk Manning (author of Write or Wrong, Tales of Mr. Rhee

Product Details

ISBN- 9798888760024

Publisher:Source Point Press

Publication date:01/30/2024


Left Turns is a 365 page engaging and heartfelt slice-of-life love story about hope, expectations, chasing dreams, and finding your place in the world when life takes some unexpected left turns. This original graphic novel is an engaging and heartfelt slice-of-life story about David, a 25-year-old aspiring comic book artist in the early 2000s who, thinking all the pieces of his life are coming together, unexpectedly finds himself dumped by his longtime girlfriend and forced to consider how much he's willing to sacrifice - and change - in the hopes of making his dream become a reality.

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